Payment Options as of December 19, 2016

Our current Single Legacy Membership rate is $80,000 plus annual dues. Need a membership for more than one person? See the payment plans for a Family Legacy Membership.

Option #1: Pay in full

  • Payment of $80,000.00 initiation fee plus 7% tax. A total of $85,600.00 is paid upon application.
  • Current dues of $4,250.00 plus tax will be waived through 11/30/2017 and then standard single legacy dues start as of 12/1/2017.

Option #2: 84 Month Installment Plan

Pay in $1,190.48 installments

  • The first installment of $1,190.48 ($1,273.81 tax included) is paid upon application.
  • The next 83 installments (months 2 through 84) are also $1,190.48 per month ($1,273.81 tax
    included). To be paid monthly via ACH withdrawal.

  • Standard single legacy dues of $4,250.00 ($4,547.50 tax included) for 2016-2017 are paid upon application.
  • The total paid upon application is $5,440.48 ($5,821.31 tax included).
  • The total initiation fee paid after 84 installments is $100,000.00. ($107,000.00 tax included)
  • Option 2 is not available when the membership is purchased in conjunction with the purchase of Hermitage Club real estate or real estate exclusively marketed by the Hermitage Club.
    This option requires the execution of a promissory note between the applicant and the Hermitage

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Refund Policy

  • Full pay members: Members who have paid the membership fee in full upon joining the club are eligible to receive an 80% refund of the membership fee upon resignation.
  • Please note that any incentive credits received upon joining are earned on a pro rata basis and are fully earned on the 3rd anniversary of joining. If the member resigns before their 3rd anniversary any unearned incentive credits will be deducted from the amount of the refund.
  • Payment plan members: Member who have chosen a payment plan will receive no refund if they resign prior to having paid the membership fee in full. After having paid the membership in full, payment plan members who resign are eligible for an 80% refund of the membership fee. A refund will not be paid on any portion of the membership fee payments that is deemed a payment plan convenience fee.